Our weekend 

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend–these kids sure did!

We spent Saturday morning at the farmers market in Providence and then hanging around Bridgestreet…where I bribed the kids with a small vanilla frappucino split into two cups. 🙈

Didn’t really get much but did score these cute shorts at Loft for $25!

Saturday afternoon, I did a lot of redecorating around the house. After getting these awesome end tables at Target for $30 each, I moved the shelves that used to serve as our night stands to the dining room.

My mom and I went to TJ Home Goods where I got some fun things to decorate the shelves. We don’t have an extra room in our home to turn into an office, so this space has become both a dining room and an office. I love it! I can see our kids doing homework in here one day. 🙂

I also styled up the space above my dresser. #ilovehats

Hope everyone has a wonderful end to their weekend. ❤️

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  1. Love the night stands! And the hats too!

  2. Love how all the redeco and additions worked!! Dresser display is adorable yet functional ❤️❤️

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