Have you gotten the new style guide?

It is so good! One of the many things on my wish list are these Gemma Pom Pom flats. Major heart eyes!

Since my wish list is raaatthhherrr long, I decided I would DIY these!

So I grabbed my handy dandy glue gun (Blue’s Clues reference for the win!), these adorable flats I snagged on clearance at Target and this cute pack of pom poms from Michael’s and I was on my way!

Meet me in Madison

With my husband’s recent new job came the most awesome perk of all…having every other Friday off! So this past Friday we headed into old town Madison, Al and did a little wondering and lunching.

It was another mild day so I got to wear this adorable bell sleeve sweater I just snagged from the Who What Wear collection at Target. It’s not online yet but this one is and it is on clearance! They are still rolling out the spring line so definitely check your local stores.

Valentines for Toddlers

I read somewhere once that for a child’s birthday, Christmas, etc. you should gift them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I find this so helpful when I’m shopping for Louis and Judy!

Something they want: So Judy has never actually seen Peppa Pig but my mom got her a pair of PJs for Christmas, just cause she thought they were cute, and Judy LOVED them! She now zeroes in on any and all Peppa so I think this would fit the something they want catergory! Louis, like most boys these days, is next level obsessed with Paw Patrol and both kids really love coloring/crafts so I think these kits are perfect. Plus they are less than $15!

Friends and Family fondue night 

Christmas in January! We didn’t get to celebrate the holidays with our dear friends in December so we just recently had a little gift exchange and fondue party.

Our friends’ two boys are around the same age as Louis and Judy so it’s always a great time when we get the families together!
Surprisingly, fondue is an awesomely kid-friendly meal. I mean, Judy mainly just eats bread but the boys loved the cherry tomatoes, kielbasa and apple slices!

Meet #Louisandjudy

My kids, Louis and Judy, are the best. If I say so myself 😉

When we brought our daughter Judy home, in February 2013, I documented their first meeting with the tag #louisandjudy on Instagram.If you’re ever feeling so inclined, you can see the last two years of our lives as a family of four. I really hope Instagram doesn’t go anywhere or I will be so sad to lose this little bit of family history!

Rainy day style 

So my goal for the New Year is to blog. My awesome husband is going all in with me on this project so with his help, I think I might actually do this. We’re calling 2017 #yearofmendiola lol. We have big hopes for our family this year!

So without further ado, here is my ideal rainy day outfit. I always feel like I need to wear a hat when it rains and I love this one from the Gap! I’m not a fan of floppy hats, but mine is sold out. This one from Target looks good though!