Rocket City

I live in Huntsville aka Rocket City, AL. I could bore you with all of the awesome history of Huntsville and the space program during the 1960s but I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that we have an awesome museum dedicated to it and we love taking the kids there!

It was so cold the day we were playing at Rocket Park…pretty sure the high for the day was 32! That’s cold for Alabama my friends. Funny thing is, I remember when I used to walk to/from work when we lived in Baltimore that anything above 30 in the winter felt down right balmy.

Yes, the kids are wearing matching jackets and I love it. Judy’s coat was actually Lou’s but I just loved this Old Navy coat so I held onto it for her!

And since it was so cold, I busted out my fur hat. Thanks to my dad for getting this on one of his flights to Russia back in the day!

This Jcrew purse was a recent score from an Instagrammer’s closet and I love it so much! It is perfect for mom life. Need to be hands free at all times!

Had to head inside before too long….too cold!

You may recognize my skirt from the AlieExpress post I did a few posts back…it is actuallly that dress! My leather jacket was a Target clearance score from last winter but my sweater is a current Gap clearance score. Shop savvy friends!

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