Valentines for Toddlers

I read somewhere once that for a child’s birthday, Christmas, etc. you should gift them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I find this so helpful when I’m shopping for Louis and Judy!

Something they want: So Judy has never actually seen Peppa Pig but my mom got her a pair of PJs for Christmas, just cause she thought they were cute, and Judy LOVED them! She now zeroes in on any and all Peppa so I think this would fit the something they want catergory! Louis, like most boys these days, is next level obsessed with Paw Patrol and both kids really love coloring/crafts so I think these kits are perfect. Plus they are less than $15!

Something to read: Have you guys seen these books? My kids love them! We have these two but I just think they are so great for toddlers and I wanted to spread the word. They are like an interactive pop-up book and the kids love pretending to bake a cake or build.

Something to wear: Can never have too many tees! I just love Judy in red so I would definitely like to snag this one for her. Louis loves Daniel Tiger…I feel like DT isn’t crazy popular so it’s hard to find this kind of stuff, but I found this one at Old Navy!

Something they need:  OK, so I know this doesn’t seem like a need but hear me out. 1) The kids have amassed quite a collection of cars, trains, etc. but have had nowhere to play with them…other than my kitchen floor and yeah, no thank you. And 2) I got this table on clearance for $20 at my local Target! Lots of post Christmas clearance going on so please do yourself a favor and check it out!

Obviously all of these gifts would be a bit much just for Valentine’s Day but I hope you find this list helpful as you shop around for the little Valentines in your life!

Links:  Peppa Pig BackpackMy First ToolboxLet’s Bake a Cake BookPaw Patrol Art KitHugs & Kisses TeeDaniel Tiger TeeTrain Table

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    Well done you!!! Great ideas and points to ponder!!

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