Have you gotten the new style guide?

It is so good! One of the many things on my wish list are these Gemma Pom Pom flats. Major heart eyes!

Since my wish list is raaatthhherrr long, I decided I would DIY these!

So I grabbed my handy dandy glue gun (Blue’s Clues reference for the win!), these adorable flats I snagged on clearance at Target and this cute pack of pom poms from Michael’s and I was on my way!

Paper towels are definitely necessary as hot glue is quite a bit stringy and you’ll want to protect your shoes.

End result…

For a total of about $10, I’m pretty pleased!

Please tag me on Instagram or comment here if you try this little project out!

2 Replies to “JCrew DIY”

  1. That is so clever and cute! I’m thinking black poms on my leopard ones would be cute

    1. I think I have some black ones in my bag! It would be super cute 🙂

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