Uptown Downtown

I always think the most quintessential J.Crew look you can wear is when you mix something more Uptown (i.e. this skirt) with something Downtown (i.e. these sneakers and jacket).

I have had this jacket for a while and just love it…perfect fit and color, plus you can’t beat the price! These sneakers were from the Superga collection at Target but I also wear these Old Navy ones a lot.

I also feel that mixing formal pieces with casual items is more doable for real life and definitely more mom friendly!

Shop my look!

Skirt-old Jcrew but check here for pop backs

Sweater- old Banana Republic but here is a good dupe


2 Replies to “Uptown Downtown”

  1. Another adorable outfit! And what a great candid shot of the kiddos, good representation of their unique personalities in that one! 😉

  2. Love this! I too love the mix of casual and “fancy” ….great job here. Love the look and the littles too! ❤❤❤

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