Rose Colored Glasses

OK, so I know these glasses are more red than rose but work with me here. 🙂

I just picked these awesome glasses up at LOFT the other day and have worn them everyday since! LOFT glasses seem to be the only ones that fit my face well so I have racked up quite a few. Plus, I have never paid more than $15 for a pair and that can’t be beat!

To offset such a bold glasses choice, I went with a pretty simple outfit and color pallet. Can’t go wrong with red, white and blue. The bandana is such a fun way to add sophistication to a simple outfit, not to mention the fact that it kept my neck warm on a chilly Saturday downtown.

For a morning of walking around, I went with my trusty Old Navy sneakers which now have added support and cushion in them! I love these so much and they are such a great price that I buy a new pair every six months or so to keep them looking fresh!

My sleeveless trench is actually a DIY and basically my greatest achievement (other than my kids. duh). It’s an Old Navy trench from a few seasons ago that I seem ripped the sleeves off of and my mom hemmed. Thanks mom! I get so much more use out of this coat this way and think it is perfect for spring, fall and honestly winter in Alabama.


Red glasses


Ruffle Sweatshirt, similar here

Wide leg trouser jeans, similar here

Similar sleeveless trench, here




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  1. Good job honey 😉

  2. Mary Mendiola says: Reply

    Looking great as always, Kristen!

  3. So cute! Great tips and links too. Perfect spring outfit Loving the neck scarf ❤

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