Pink & Red

Found this perfect little red wall on the side of the US Space and Rocket Museum when we were visiting there this past weekend. We’re member so we are there A LOT…the kids love it! And I got to say, every time we go I find something new to love.

Like this perfect red wall!

We are definitely having that early spring weather in Huntsville where you still need a jacket, or in my case a sweatshirt, but you can get away with bare legs. Love this time of year!

This floral sweatshirt is from a few years back at Loft and I just love it. Goes to show that when you buy something you really love, you can get several seasons out of it.

This wrap skirt is so cute and a recent Jcrew Factory score. It’s a light weight wool which is perfect for this weather and I feel like it’s a 3 season skirt—wouldn’t want to wear it in the dead of Alabama summer but otherwise I find it quite versatile.

These silver flats are even better than the Gemma from Jcrew I think. Unlike the Gemma, they have a good sole that I don’t feel will wear out after just a few walks. I will say they do take a little longer to break in though.

Have a great rest of the week friends and if you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents in your life, give them a big hug or a call for me. xo




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  1. Great post! Love the outfit and the pics ❤

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