Into the Wild

So our Memorial Day Weekend was kind of a bust. We planned on going to Nashville for the big flea market and some shopping but the forecast kept calling for severe storms. Kept going on and on about how bad this weather was going to be, and so we got spooked…and…would you believe it? DID NOT RAIN. Then we thought about going on Sunday, but by then my enthusiasm had waned so we thought we would just go over to Decatur and check out the hot air balloon show. Well, wouldn’t you know it…too windy for the balloons to fly. 

La La Land

Have you seen La La Land? I am so obsessed with it! I have the record, the DVD and am one step away from buying a poster for my bedroom–just kidding on that one, but seriously love this movie!

Emma Stone wears super twirly, gorgeous dresses and skirts throughout the film and I was totally thinking of that when I picked out this outfit!

Pensacola City Guide

So last week we were in Pensacola, FL to put my sweet Grandpa to rest. It was such a hard trip but with the kids in tow we needed to make it somewhat fun for them while still honoring Great Grandpa. Throughout our whole trip we did little things to remember him…like ordering his favorite soup at his favorite restaurant, McGuire’s, and talking about him with the kids. Grandpa loved Pensacola and Gulf Breeze and I hope this little guide would serve him proud.