Into the Wild

So our Memorial Day Weekend was kind of a bust. We planned on going to Nashville for the big flea market and some shopping but the forecast kept calling for severe storms. Kept going on and on about how bad this weather was going to be, and so we got spooked…and…would you believe it? DID NOT RAIN. Then we thought about going on Sunday, but by then my enthusiasm had waned so we thought we would just go over to Decatur and check out the hot air balloon show. Well, wouldn’t you know it…too windy for the balloons to fly. 

Soooo we wondered the basically empty grounds (save for the bored firemen and EMT who so kindly indulged Louis for a bit) and then headed over to the trails for a little walk.

 Of course, the sky was ominous looking the whole time and therefore we didn’t wander to far. So then we just decided to head to a new (to us) Target and go out for lunch. #Goals.

So all in all…kind of a bust. It never really rained until night and today of course, when we told the kids we’d go to the pool. Win some, lose some.

Love this outfit though..I don’t know about you, but the worse my mood, the cuter my outfit needs to be! This blazer was a clearance score and I just love it so much! Looks to be sold out online, but this print is still available in a top and there is a new Liberty blazer that is also to die for.

This purse is getting major use this spring and I expect it to continue its MVP status into the summer! It doesn’t have any lining and is thus super light weight…I know there being no lining or pockets may be a deal breaker for some but to me, it’s a nice break from my heavier bags.

At least my outfit was cute for our one day of activities and  I got to get some online shopping done! Did you guys catch anything good?

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  1. Wellll = lemonade You did good ….turned it around. And you all look adorable ❤️❤️❤️

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