Birthday Boy

Oh Louis. You have been in a rush since the day you were born (3.5 weeks early!)…you are the most articulate, spirited, sweet and crazy four year old I have ever known and I am so grateful to be your mama!

This past weekend (his birthday is actually June 6) was all about celebrating this special boy and while I didn’t manage to get many pictures (Doh!) you can believe, this was a weekend full of love and fun!

Joe’s parents, brother and sister all came down from Maryland for the weekend so we got the party started by going out for pizza! Wore this awesome ruffled WWW dress, which hid the pizza belly! #winning

The next morning it was on to the Botanical Garden first thing. Right now there is a dinosaur exhibit and the kids just love it! It was kind of muggy here as rain was rolling in for the weekend so this lightweight cotton dress was perfect for strolling the garden. Plus I felt like Dorothy which is always a good feeling!

Later in the day was party time! We kept it small with just family and a close friend with her boys. It was perfect and Louis kept saying how happy he was to have everyone at his house. See? Sweet as can be! He got lots of great toys, including the clubhouse we got them…excited for a fun summer in the backyard!

We had such fun spoiling this boy and I cannot believe I have a four year old. True what they say, the days may be long (and some are very long!) but the years are short. Love my babies so much.



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