Our Weekend

This was one of the shortest weekends EVER. Joe’s contract allows him to have an alternate work schedule, meaning he gets to take every other Friday off but sadly it was not this week. Then I worked on Saturday, which basically made our weekend feel like it was one day. Gah! Oh well, we just crammed as much family time in as we could.

On Saturday morning we did a little yard work, so I wore my favorite overalls (these run small!) and then swapped out my shoes and top for an afternoon shift at Anthro! 

While I was doing yard work, Joe took the kids to Home Depot for class and sent the most adorable pics! I love this little monthly tradition they have! 

After work , we had pizza and watched School House Rock–the kids love it and it gives me all the nostalgia feels.

Sunday we walked up to Target with the kiddos and I wore this adorable cold shoulder dress from Old Navy. I am so impressed by the quality–it is fully lined and a really nice breathable cotton! It’s perfect for these summer days but will also be so cute with ankle boots when it starts to cool off.

To top off this short weekend, our fridge is on the fritz so we have been Googling and fancying ourselves repairmen. Spoiler alert…it still is not working. A Mondayest Monday.



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  1. Too cute!!! HD pics ….gah! Love the shoes, the dress and the overalls !!!

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