Get to know the Misplaced Maven


In a nutshell..

I started blogging as a way to share my love of clothes, document my family’s adventures and have a fun project with my husband. He is my photographer! Joe (the husband) has been my biggest supporter and has created this site, taken all my pics (unless credited otherwise) and bounced off ideas with me. This blog is such a great way for me to share my greatest loves–my family and my closet!

Why misplaced maven? 

My wonderful, creative little sister actually came up with the name! We are Army brats so we grew up always feeling a bit misplaced…despite all of our travels, I always felt most at home in big cities and more often than not, on the East Coast. My husband and I settled in Baltimore and loved it there but when we decided to grow our family, we moved down to Alabama where my parents had retired. While Alabama has been an adjustment, and I have at times felt misplaced, the one constant has always been my love of classic, fun, affordable fashion.

Favorite Stores

As you can probably tell, I love JCrew. I still remember the very first thing I bought there–a black cardigan with a flower sewn on it. Very Carrie Bradshaw.

Other loves include, Target (who doesn’t?!), LOFT, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Anthropologie, Madewell and eBay–love the thrill of the hunt!