In my cart

Do you have shopping carts all over the web filled with things you want to buy? No? Just me? Ok then…well if you’re curious to see what I’m stalking these days or looking for some things to add to your own cart, take a look at my pics!


THE JACKET: This thing is perfection! I’m waiting for a promo since it’s a little (ok a lot) out of my price range but can you imagine this layered over your favorite spring dresses?? Thinking it will transition nicely into fall over a striped long sleeve tee!

THE GLASSES: These are officially out of the cart and on their way! I can’t wait to wear them! I have worn glasses since I was 5, contacts since I was 12…and it was high time I upgraded my glasses!

THE SHOES: These espadrilles are such a good dupe and look so high quality! Also come in black…now which to get??

THE MASCARA: Like most ladies, I have tried A LOT of different mascaras and this one is by far my favorite! I don’t even remember how I came across it but I have been hooked ever since! It is not sold in my local target so it is permanently in my online cart so I can just add it onto my next order. It is not one of those rubbery wands but rather a nice full head that pulls every lash–plus it is paraben free, doesn’t irritate my eyes AND is wicked cheap. Score!

THE HAT: So I need a new hat like a need a hole in the head, but if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a hat loving lady. This one looks so cute with it’s wide brim and chambray ribbon! Thinking I may need to add this to the collection!


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Into the Wild

So our Memorial Day Weekend was kind of a bust. We planned on going to Nashville for the big flea market and some shopping but the forecast kept calling for severe storms. Kept going on and on about how bad this weather was going to be, and so we got spooked…and…would you believe it? DID NOT RAIN. Then we thought about going on Sunday, but by then my enthusiasm had waned so we thought we would just go over to Decatur and check out the hot air balloon show. Well, wouldn’t you know it…too windy for the balloons to fly. 

Soooo we wondered the basically empty grounds (save for the bored firemen and EMT who so kindly indulged Louis for a bit) and then headed over to the trails for a little walk.

 Of course, the sky was ominous looking the whole time and therefore we didn’t wander to far. So then we just decided to head to a new (to us) Target and go out for lunch. #Goals.

So all in all…kind of a bust. It never really rained until night and today of course, when we told the kids we’d go to the pool. Win some, lose some.

Love this outfit though..I don’t know about you, but the worse my mood, the cuter my outfit needs to be! This blazer was a clearance score and I just love it so much! Looks to be sold out online, but this print is still available in a top and there is a new Liberty blazer that is also to die for.

This purse is getting major use this spring and I expect it to continue its MVP status into the summer! It doesn’t have any lining and is thus super light weight…I know there being no lining or pockets may be a deal breaker for some but to me, it’s a nice break from my heavier bags.

At least my outfit was cute for our one day of activities and  I got to get some online shopping done! Did you guys catch anything good?

Shop The Look

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La La Land

Have you seen La La Land? I am so obsessed with it! I have the record, the DVD and am one step away from buying a poster for my bedroom–just kidding on that one, but seriously love this movie!

Emma Stone wears super twirly, gorgeous dresses and skirts throughout the film and I was totally thinking of that when I picked out this outfit!

My purse and skirt are both from the WWW collection at Target…I have so many things from them and am always impressed with the quality and trendiness of their offerings.

Little miss LOVES the La La Land soundtrack so of course she had to get in on the twirling action!

It was crazy hot this day so a hat and shades were necessary! I do not do well in the humidity so I’m trying to adjust and these two are helping!

Hope you find a chance to laugh and twirl this week!



Shirt/Skirt (similar)/Purse/Shoes/Sunglasses (similar)/Hat

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Ruffle Skirt

Oh this skirt. Love it so much! I had long been coveting this Jcrew ruffle skirt and when I spotted this one from Who What Wear at Target, I had to have it!

My beloved red sunglasses, this striped shell and a fun pair of flats completed my look.

The clutch was made by me and my gal pal in a sewing class we took here in Huntsville. It was crazy hard and I haven’t sewn anything since lol. We didn’t even take the class that long ago but I legit could not make this again to save my life. Guess sweet homemade Halloween costumes are not in my kids’ future! #momfail


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Little White Dress

The Little White Dress. Summer’s answer to the LBD. Perfect for graduations and all the festivities that come with spring and summer!

I was lucky enough to wear this GORGEOUS white dress for the Anthropologie Spring Show and it is so perfect! Lined nicely which is so important when you’re picking out a white dress and super flattering. I went down a size from my usual which I think helps the fringe lay better.

It’s a little pricey so I’ve linked up some other options below.

Happy Spring!




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Baby Blues 

I don’t think baby blue and red is a color combo that quickly comes to mind for most people, but I love it! Red and navy blue is a go to combo for most, but I think the softer blue is such a nice juxtaposition to the bold red.

My go to accessories lately are these red sunglasses and a bandana. I find myself sneaking both of these items into as many outfits as I can! I’ve worn this bandana around my neck, on my wrist and here on my purse.

To anchor this bold look, I went with cognac accessories…this old Gap satchel and my beloved leopard slides.


Sweater/Pants (similar or similar)/Shoes (similar)/Sunglasses/Bandana (similar)

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Behind the Scenes at Anthropologie

Last I week I was honored to walk in the Huntsville Anthroplogie Spring Fashion Show–let me tell you, it was just what this girl needed!

It was so much fun to be pampered and surrounded by beautiful clothes and amazing women! It didn’t hurt that this polka dot two-piece was absolutley speaking my language either! It looks like the pants are sold out online but if you’re lucky enough to live near an Anthro, RUN and see if you can snag them!

Us models (feels funny to say that!) had so much fun hanging backstage and getting to know one another. There are a lot of awesome, creative women here in Huntsville! We also got to enjoy some yummy snacks, like macarons and Fruigees. It’s all about balance guys. Lol. Stay tuned for a giveaway on Instagram from the Fruigees folks this week! 

The other thing that was so neat about this event was that it brought together so many amazing local vendors. The folks from Fringe were magicians with hair & makeup!

The stunning food was provided by The Chef Next Door with the most adorable placards from Salt & Paperie. Sweets were from Huntsville’s very own Macaron extraordinaire, Whisk.  Old Frond had the most gorgeous center pieces accenting the whole venue–wish I’d gotten to snag one lol! 

My husband took these pictures but there was also the amazing Meghan snapping away.

I definitely plan to attend or hopefully be apart of the Fall fashion show!

Shop my outfit below


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Misplaced Musings

Hey friends…hope you all had a great weekend!

Ours was better but we are still struggling  with my grandpa’s health and a different routine. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons over here.

Friday started off with stripes day! Joe was such a trooper and helped me deck everyone out in stripes for some photos at the Madison library 🙂

On Saturday we did our first swim lesson!

As you may expect from Judy’s facial expression, she was not having it. Home girl does not like to be told what to do. It was kind of a disaster. She liked it at first but as soon as they told her to blow bubbles, float on back, etc…she just cried and cried. Fingers crossed that next week is better! Louis was of course a champ and even demonstrated some of the moves for the class lol.

We then went to Home Depot and did some planting…it was gorgeous weekend here! Also, had to buy a new dishwasher so I feel like we’re bleeding money which always sucks.

This tote from Target came quite in handy for carrying all our plants and junk around though! Very lightweight plus it has interior pockets and zips close.

It’s going to be a busy week…Anthropologie fashion show on Thursday and getting ready for our carpet and dishwasher install.

I’ll be honest with you, I am getting very overwhelmed with everything that is going on but I’m trying to keep focused on my family, my little corner of the world.




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Pink & Red

Found this perfect little red wall on the side of the US Space and Rocket Museum when we were visiting there this past weekend. We’re member so we are there A LOT…the kids love it! And I got to say, every time we go I find something new to love.

Like this perfect red wall!

We are definitely having that early spring weather in Huntsville where you still need a jacket, or in my case a sweatshirt, but you can get away with bare legs. Love this time of year!

This floral sweatshirt is from a few years back at Loft and I just love it. Goes to show that when you buy something you really love, you can get several seasons out of it.

This wrap skirt is so cute and a recent Jcrew Factory score. It’s a light weight wool which is perfect for this weather and I feel like it’s a 3 season skirt—wouldn’t want to wear it in the dead of Alabama summer but otherwise I find it quite versatile.

These silver flats are even better than the Gemma from Jcrew I think. Unlike the Gemma, they have a good sole that I don’t feel will wear out after just a few walks. I will say they do take a little longer to break in though.

Have a great rest of the week friends and if you’re lucky enough to still have your grandparents in your life, give them a big hug or a call for me. xo




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City Sidewalks

I love and I mean LOVE downtown Huntsville. It is historic, adorable and damn near perfect. Now if only we could afford a home there! In the meantime, I will casually pose in front of other people’s home and pretend it’s mine. hah!

My love for downtown does not stop at our little city…my first true love is New York. My parents took us there for the first time the summer before 9/11 and it’s been love ever since. The year I went to school in Baltimore, I went several times and my husband and I went there for our honeymoon. Haven’t been back since…think we need to remedy that soon!

Long story short…this shirt gives me all the feels. Paired with this city coat and my trusty red glasses and we were ready for a morning of exploring!

Shop my look!



Tee Shirt




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