Field Jacket

I love a good field jacket. I love it so much that I have two different versions! I have the green hooded one from JCrew and the khaki one from Old Navy. I love the khaki one for a warmer day…doesn’t have a liner. The JCrew one is thicker and has a hood which I LOVE so much and wear it on rainy days.

This past weekend, the sun came out and it was a bit warm so we played in the backyard with the kiddos and I, of course, wore my field jacket!

With the weird weather we have been having lately, these two coats have gotten a lot of use! Here’s another way to style this jacket. It’s so dang versatile!


Shop my look and the Style Guide with the below carousel or links!


Jcrew Field Jacket

Old Navy Field Jacket

Floral Blouse

Dot Tee

Stripe Midi Skirt


Blush Heels

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Cold shoulder


I am totally loving the one shoulder swimsuit for this summer! I think it’s flattering (who hates their shoulders??) and totally mom friendly. I absolutely love navy with tan so this is a no brainer combination to me.

Since swimwear and espadrilles tends to need replacing every year, I see no reason to spend a fortune on these items so I found these dupes and can speak firsthand that the quality of both the Old Navy swimsuit and GAP shoes are on point!

Shop the Look

Left Old Navy swimsuit

Left GAP espadrilles

Right J.Crew swimsuit

Right Soludos espradilles

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PJ Day

Wearing a PJ shirt past the hour of 10 AM on anything but a Saturday or Sunday used to be synonymous with a sick day, but thanks to recent fashion trends, wearing your favorite sleep shirt all day is now socially acceptable. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Jcrew really brought this look to the mainstream a few seasons ago with their introduction of the Drake’s silk PJ shirt. I totally coveted this item but alas it was out of my budget. Luckily for me, GAP offered a similar sleep shirt in a totally doable price point!

I find the best way to style this ultra comfy casual item is by pairing it with more tailored pieces. These denim crops are comfy enough that you still feel like you are in your pajamas but offer some sophistication to the top. Since you are wearing two flowy pieces, I like to add something a little sharper to the outfit by way of these flats. We’ve got a lot of color going on here with the patterned top and burgundy velvet shoes so to anchor the whole look, I like these blush sunglasses and earrings.


Pajama Shirt

Crop Jeans





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Rose Colored Glasses

OK, so I know these glasses are more red than rose but work with me here. 🙂

I just picked these awesome glasses up at LOFT the other day and have worn them everyday since! LOFT glasses seem to be the only ones that fit my face well so I have racked up quite a few. Plus, I have never paid more than $15 for a pair and that can’t be beat!

To offset such a bold glasses choice, I went with a pretty simple outfit and color pallet. Can’t go wrong with red, white and blue. The bandana is such a fun way to add sophistication to a simple outfit, not to mention the fact that it kept my neck warm on a chilly Saturday downtown.

For a morning of walking around, I went with my trusty Old Navy sneakers which now have added support and cushion in them! I love these so much and they are such a great price that I buy a new pair every six months or so to keep them looking fresh!

My sleeveless trench is actually a DIY and basically my greatest achievement (other than my kids. duh). It’s an Old Navy trench from a few seasons ago that I seem ripped the sleeves off of and my mom hemmed. Thanks mom! I get so much more use out of this coat this way and think it is perfect for spring, fall and honestly winter in Alabama.


Red glasses


Ruffle Sweatshirt, similar here

Wide leg trouser jeans, similar here

Similar sleeveless trench, here




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Uptown Downtown

I always think the most quintessential J.Crew look you can wear is when you mix something more Uptown (i.e. this skirt) with something Downtown (i.e. these sneakers and jacket).

I have had this jacket for a while and just love it…perfect fit and color, plus you can’t beat the price! These sneakers were from the Superga collection at Target but I also wear these Old Navy ones a lot.

I also feel that mixing formal pieces with casual items is more doable for real life and definitely more mom friendly!

Shop my look!

Skirt-old Jcrew but check here for pop backs

Sweater- old Banana Republic but here is a good dupe


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High Tops

Our winter weather has been all over the place here in Alabama, but when it’s been consistently cold for a while and I’m tired of wearing boots, I reach for high tops!

I almost always pair them with skinny jeans and a more polished top like this button down oxford and cape sweater.

Can’t go wrong with a Pom Pom beanie to cap the whole look off!

Outfit Details:

Beanie, here

Cape sweater (similar), here

Shirt, here

Jeans, here

High tops, here


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Judy Anne 

My dearest little girl is now two. I am the mother of a two year old and a three year old…hard to believe sometimes! 

I’d like to tell you a little bit about Miss Judy before I share details of her party 🙂

I found out I was pregnant with her when Louis was just 11 months old. I always wanted my kids to be close in age but this was definitely a little quicker than we planned! It took a while to get pregnant with Louis so we assumed the same would happen for the second…not so much! 

I’m lucky in that I really enjoyed being pregnant both times and had uncomplicated pregnancies. My only issue was my own paranoia…I can be such a spaz and definitely had to work on staying out of my own way!

Judy’s due date was Valentine’s Day but she was was induced on February 6. I was 39 weeks but she was very low and large headed (that’s why she’s so smart lol) and I risked an emergency c-section if I waited much longer. So, all that being said, we chose the 6th so she would have the same birthday as her brother and we headed to the hospital at 5 AM that morning…which I loved since I am a morning person. 

At around 8 AM, they broke my water and by lunchtime she had arrived! Like with Louis, I chose to do an unmedicated/natural delivery which meant right after she was born, I was able to get up and walk over to where she was being measured and bathed and marvel at my brand new sweet baby girl! We then walked over to recovery and enjoyed some cuddles and dress up 🙂

7lb, 4oz of love! 

So now without further ado, let’s talk about Judy’s big day!

For her second birthday we went with a Judy’s Favorite Things theme. Featuring hearts, the color pink and lots of sweets! 

All these dishes are from Target…what can I say, I like what I like! Got the little felt mail boxes from the dollar section and filled them with treats for our little guests 🙂

Judy’s not much of a cake girl…just eats the frosting off, so I baked her a cookie cake, chocolate frosted brownies, cookie sandwiches and cake pops. 

Louis, the ever helpful big brother, made sure she was able to unwrap all her gifts 😉

Now I think I know what he wants for his birthday…

Happy Birthday Judy…we love you so much! 

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Kiss Kiss 

I love February! It’s a short month. It’s my daughter’s birthday month. It’s love month! Any excuse to wear hearts and kisses is good by me.

I snagged this tee during J. Crew’s Black Friday and have been loving it ever since! Paired it with this cute jacket (make sure you size up!) from SheIn, my trusty white sneakers and a pair of pajama style pants from Banana Republic that I just love.

These are my favorite colors to mix and match…love that if you stay in the same color palette you can mix stripes and stripes or anything you want!

Can’t forget Louis and Judy…we always take them on our little photo shoots.

And Louis wanted us to take more jumping pictures. They have become his signature move lol!

Thanks for stopping by!

Outfit details:


Pants (similar)-here



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Have you gotten the new style guide?

It is so good! One of the many things on my wish list are these Gemma Pom Pom flats. Major heart eyes!

Since my wish list is raaatthhherrr long, I decided I would DIY these!

So I grabbed my handy dandy glue gun (Blue’s Clues reference for the win!), these adorable flats I snagged on clearance at Target and this cute pack of pom poms from Michael’s and I was on my way!

Paper towels are definitely necessary as hot glue is quite a bit stringy and you’ll want to protect your shoes.

End result…

For a total of about $10, I’m pretty pleased!

Please tag me on Instagram or comment here if you try this little project out!

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Dressed for rain on a sunny day

So last weekend we went downtown to the Von Braun Center with the kids, on what was supposed to be a rainy day in Huntsville. As you can see from these pictures, this was not the case lol…

Thankfully I was dressed in layers so I was able to ditch my beloved trench coat and show off this adorable paisley blouse. I was, however, still stuck in rain boots.

At least it started to look a bit dreary when we were leaving!

Rain or shine, we had a lot of fun listening to some classical music downtown with the kiddos!

Shop my outfit here:

Rain boots (old Jcrew) similar: here
Shirt: on sale! here
Trench coat: also on sale! here

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