Summer into Fall

I love taking my summer dresses and getting them fall ready! One of the easiest ways to do that is with a denim vest. I love this one from Old Navy, but it’s sold out–this one from Madewell is a great option to add to your wardrobe though!

With statement sleeves being THE trend of the season, I find it much easier to layer a vest over these type of tops and dresses, Can you imagine trying to stuff these sleeves into a jacket?! No thank you!

I will always love florals and no one is crushing it in this department more than Who What Wear at Target! This particular dress was an end of summer clearance score but I love the new pieces they have coming out!

I styled these pieces for end of summer but definitely plan an on adding tights and black ankle boots when it gets even cooler out!



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Fit Mama

Oh exercise. Don’t most of us have a love/hate relationship with the thing? Love the way it makes us feel, hate everything else about it. Well over the years my relationship with fitness has started to lean almost completely towards love with only a little bit of hate ūüėČ

Curious to know how I got there? First thing first, and I am sure you have heard it before, but cute workout clothes makes a huge difference in motivating you to get to the gym or even work out at home like I do (getting to that later). For me, it’s even more important that I have good quality clothes because if I have spent our hard earned money on something it’s gonna make me (aka guilt me) into using it!

I get most of my stuff from the C9 collection at Target, which I know is not crazy expensive, but $30 on a pair of leggings I am going to wear for 30 minutes is enough to make it feel indulgent to me. I love the C9 stuff because I feel like the pieces are easy to mix and match and almost all of the pants are high waist with compression which this mama appreciates!

Now as for the shoes…I used to be a Nike girl, but I have found them to be too wide lately? And I have not liked how the toe part is completely mesh, I don’t want to see the shape of my foot lol. Enter New Balance. I have always loved the NB x JCrew partnership but it hadn’t occurred to me to try their shoes for exercise. My parents got me these for my birthday and I LOVE them. Love the fit (TTS) and love the tan sole! The sole is just that little something you need to make these shoes a step up from your basic work out shoes.

Now to the good stuff. What fitness program do I use? I know there is a lot to choose from, Tracy Anderson, P90X, Beach Body and of course lots of great gyms out there (I do tag a long with my mom once a week to her gym where we take a great bootcamp class!) but my main source of fitness is done at home with PopSugar Fitness.  I have been doing their videos (this is not sponsored btw) for over five years and I love them! I used them while pregnant, to bounce back after babies and now as my daily workout.

The best thing about these videos to me, is the variety of exercises and time choices.¬†Usually I only do a 15 or 20 minute workout and then on the weekend, I will try one of the 30 minutes ones or if I am feeling¬†really ambitious I will do a 40 minute one. They regularly add new videos to YouTube (and they have an app for your phone and for ROKU or Apple TV!) so I don’t get bored but here are a few of my favorites that I routinely go back to:

15 Minute Intense Bodyweight Workout–this one is great when you’re traveling to!

20 Minute Tabata Workout

20 Minute HIIT

30 Minute 300 Calorie Burner





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In my Cart

We are heading into the holiday weekend friends! For me the 4th has always felt like halfway point of summer and I just cannot believe we are already there! So now that we’re here, let’t talk about what to wear!

These earrings really are a no-brainer at $24 and this pom pom hat is speaking my name…I have a birthday reward to spend and I am thinking of pulling the trigger on this one. Tassels, pom poms and now bows! This blue bow front top is an extra 50% off and is so stinking cute. I would pair this white jeans and tan sandals for now and then over a striped tee when the temps cool. And we cannot forget the littles…can’t you just see Louis and Judy in this star tee and too sweet popsicle dress?!

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!


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In my cart

Do you have shopping carts all over the web filled with things you want to buy? No? Just me? Ok then…well if you’re curious to see what I’m stalking these days or looking for some things to add to your own cart, take a look at my pics!


THE JACKET: This thing is perfection! I’m waiting for a promo since it’s a little (ok a lot) out of my price range but can you imagine this layered over your favorite spring dresses?? Thinking it will transition nicely into fall over a striped long sleeve tee!

THE GLASSES: These are officially out of the cart and on their way! I can’t wait to wear them! I have worn glasses since I was 5, contacts since I was 12…and it was high time I upgraded my glasses!

THE SHOES: These espadrilles are such a good dupe and look so high quality! Also come in black…now which to get??

THE MASCARA: Like most ladies, I have tried A LOT of different mascaras and this one is by far my favorite! I don’t even remember how I came across it but I have been hooked ever since! It is not sold in my local target so it is permanently in my online cart so I can just add it onto my next order. It is not one of those rubbery wands but rather a nice full head that pulls every lash–plus it is paraben free, doesn’t irritate my eyes AND is wicked cheap. Score!

THE HAT: So I need a new hat like a need a hole in the head, but if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a hat loving lady. This one looks so cute with it’s wide brim and chambray ribbon! Thinking I may need to add this to the collection!


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Birthday Boy

Oh Louis. You have been in a rush since the day you were born (3.5 weeks early!)…you are the most articulate, spirited, sweet and crazy four year old I have ever known and I am so grateful to be your mama!

This past weekend (his birthday is actually June 6) was all about celebrating this special boy and while I didn’t manage to get many pictures (Doh!) you can believe, this was a weekend full of love and fun!

Joe’s parents, brother and sister all came down from Maryland for the weekend so we got the party started by going out for pizza! Wore this awesome ruffled WWW dress, which hid the pizza belly! #winning

The next morning it was on to the Botanical Garden first thing. Right now there is a dinosaur exhibit and the kids just love it! It was kind of muggy here as rain was rolling in for the weekend so this lightweight cotton dress was perfect for strolling the garden. Plus I felt like Dorothy which is always a good feeling!

Later in the day was party time! We kept it small with just family and a close friend with her boys. It was perfect and Louis kept saying how happy he was to have everyone at his house. See? Sweet as can be! He got lots of great toys, including the clubhouse we got them…excited for a fun summer in the backyard!

We had such fun spoiling this boy and I cannot believe I have a four year old. True what they say, the days may be long (and some are very long!) but the years are short. Love my babies so much.



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Ruffle Skirt

Oh this skirt. Love it so much! I had long been coveting this Jcrew ruffle skirt and when I spotted this one from Who What Wear at Target, I had to have it!

My beloved red sunglasses, this striped shell and a fun pair of flats completed my look.

The clutch was made by me and my gal pal in a sewing class we took here in Huntsville. It was crazy hard and I haven’t sewn anything since lol. We didn’t even take the class that long ago but I legit could not make this again to save my life. Guess sweet homemade Halloween costumes are not in my kids’ future! #momfail


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Little White Dress

The Little White Dress. Summer’s answer to the LBD. Perfect for graduations and all the festivities that come with spring and summer!

I was lucky enough to wear this GORGEOUS white dress for the Anthropologie Spring Show and it is so perfect! Lined nicely which is so important when you’re picking out a white dress and super flattering. I went down a size from my usual which I think helps the fringe lay better.

It’s a little pricey so I’ve linked up some other options below.

Happy Spring!




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Behind the Scenes at Anthropologie

Last I week I was honored to walk in the Huntsville Anthroplogie Spring Fashion Show–let me tell you, it was just what this girl needed!

It was so much fun to be pampered and surrounded by beautiful clothes and amazing women! It didn’t hurt that this polka dot two-piece was absolutley speaking my language either! It looks like the pants are sold out online but if you’re lucky enough to live near an Anthro, RUN and see if you can snag them!

Us models (feels funny to say that!) had so much fun hanging backstage and getting to know one another. There are a lot of awesome, creative women here in Huntsville! We also got to enjoy some yummy snacks, like macarons and Fruigees. It’s all about balance guys. Lol. Stay tuned for a giveaway on Instagram from the Fruigees folks this week! 

The other thing that was so neat about this event was that it brought together so many amazing local vendors. The folks from Fringe were magicians with hair & makeup!

The stunning food was provided by The Chef Next Door with the most adorable placards from Salt & Paperie. Sweets were from Huntsville’s very own Macaron extraordinaire, Whisk.  Old Frond had the most gorgeous center pieces accenting the whole venue–wish I’d gotten to snag one lol! 

My husband took these pictures but there was also the amazing Meghan snapping away.

I definitely plan to attend or hopefully be apart of the Fall fashion show!

Shop my outfit below


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Field Jacket

I love a good field jacket. I love it so much that I have two different versions! I have the green hooded one from JCrew and the khaki one from Old Navy. I love the khaki one for a warmer day…doesn’t have a liner. The JCrew one is thicker and has a hood which I LOVE so much and wear it on rainy days.

This past weekend, the sun came out and it was a bit warm so we played in the backyard with the kiddos and I, of course, wore my field jacket!

With the weird weather we have been having lately, these two coats have gotten a lot of use! Here’s another way to style this jacket. It’s so dang versatile!


Shop my look and the Style Guide with the below carousel or links!


Jcrew Field Jacket

Old Navy Field Jacket

Floral Blouse

Dot Tee

Stripe Midi Skirt


Blush Heels

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PJ Day

Wearing a PJ shirt past the hour of 10 AM on anything but a Saturday or Sunday used to be synonymous with a sick day, but thanks to recent fashion trends, wearing your favorite sleep shirt all day is now socially acceptable. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Jcrew really brought this look to the mainstream a few seasons ago with their introduction of the Drake’s silk PJ shirt. I totally coveted this item but alas it was out of my budget. Luckily for me, GAP offered a similar sleep shirt¬†in a totally doable price point!

I find the best way to style this ultra comfy casual item is by pairing it with more tailored pieces. These denim crops are comfy enough that you still feel like you are in your pajamas but offer some sophistication to the top. Since you are wearing two flowy pieces, I like to add something a little sharper to the outfit by way of these flats. We’ve got a lot of color going on here with the patterned top and burgundy velvet shoes so to anchor the whole look, I like these blush sunglasses and earrings.


Pajama Shirt

Crop Jeans





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